Accessibility Statement

Southampton City Council strives to meet the needs of computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility to our website. Unfortunately, due to the colour and graphics intensive nature and the complexity of the information shown in the online mapping area of our website, much of this geographic information cannot currently be presented in an accessible format and may therefore make accessibility difficult for some.

A text-based alternative to some of the mapped information is available at the My Southampton part of the website. Here, you can enter an address and find information on local services and facilities around the address.

The maps are quite large, with an average filesize for each map being 150Kb, so the site may be slow for dial-up users.

If you would like assistance with, or information about, the online mapping section of our website please contact :

Colin Ames, IT Project Manager
Tel : 023 80832960 or e-mail :

Gisela Hoppe, Systems Developer
Tel : 023 80832948 or e-mail :

who are both at : Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton, Hants, SO14 7LX

Please send any other accessibility questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Southampton City Council website to e-mail : - see also our accessibility section.