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Maps -what is it about?

Southampton Online Maps provides interactive maps of Southampton. The site provides citizens, visitors and businesses with easily accessible, up-to-date information about the city and the services provided within it.

You can search for places or addresses and add the information that you want to see to the map. All maps are generated on demand to ensure the latest information is displayed.

A text-based alternative to some of the mapped information is available at the My Southampton part of the website.

The maps are quite large so the site may be slow for dial-up users.

By entering the site you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the licence agreement.

Example Maps

  • 1846 Historic Map
    The 1846 historic map of Southampton overlaid with the current outline of the city. Tip:You can zoom in and add the current detailed map overlay from the menu to see what has changed.
  • 1870 Historic Map
    The 1870 historic map overlaid with current Ordnance Survey mapping. See what Southampton City College was 135 years ago.
  • Civic Centre
    A street map showing the location of the Civic Centre
  • Community Advice Centres
    A map showing the location of advice centres in the city
  • Deprivation and regeneration
    Regeneration areas against a thematic map shaded according to Indices of Multiple Deprivation rank
  • Roadworks
    A map showing all current and future roadworks
  • St Mary's Football Stadium
    A street map showing the location of Southampton Football Club's St.Mary's Stadium

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